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Twitter Growth tactics

The ultimate guide to growing your Twitter followers

I'll show you how I grew my Twitter account from Zero to 60K+ followers in less than a year


By: Csaba Kissi (138K+ followers now)

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What is covered?

  • How to start

  • How to optimize your profile

  • How/when to use threads

  • How to stand out

  • How and when to retweet

  • Twitter "SEO"

  • Best time to tweet

  • How to use listings

  • Replies

  • Direct Message

  • Quick Growth Hack

  • How to search for ideas

  • How to master Twitter search

  • Poll Tips

  • How to repurpose your content

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Buy Now - $11.4
VAT may apply, regular price: $19

What people say?


Pratham @prathkum

I have seen Csaba Kissi creating top-notch content and growing his audience from scratch. This eBook is the perfect guide for anyone who are looking to make maximum use of Twitter tech community and build a strong online presence. 200% recommended. Go for it. 🚀

Marko Denic

Marko Denic @denicmarko

This book is an excellent resource for everyone who takes their social media presence seriously. The book is comprehensive and to the point. No fluff here - only actionable advice accompanied by examples that work. Highly recommended.

Oliver Jumpertz

Oliver Jumpertz @oliverjumpertz

Twitter Growth Tactics by Csaba Kissi is a great book if you want to start taking Twitter seriously. It gives you the roadmap and all the tips you need to start profiting off your online presence on Twitter, one of the smallest, but still one of the most important social networks.

Savio Martin

Savio Martin @saviomartin7

Csaba's guide covers everything you need to level up your twitter game. He also shares his golden tips and tricks. So much good stuff there. Must read if you're just starting out.

Sumudu Siriwardana

Sumudu Siriwardana @@sumusiriwardana

If you want to build up your Twitter profile and accelerate your Twitter growth, this is the book you should read! Csaba provides actionable tips with examples of how you can make it happen in each stage. And looking at the fast growth of Csaba's Twitter profile over the last few months, it's proven that this is the path to follow. Now, this is my go-to guide to building up my Twitter profile!


Insha @Insharami

Building an online presence is the need of the hour and this eBook takes you from zero to hero. I got the privilege to read this ebook beforehand and I can't stress more this is all that you need to grow your Twitter account


Mike @htmleverything

Csaba's advice directly helped me to succeed and grow on Twitter. You'd be doing yourself a disservice if you don't give this a read and follow his advice. Support and help others and they will do the same for you

Buy Now - $11.4
VAT may apply, regular price: $19